Money Metaphors. Paper? Digital? Decentralized? Crypto?

I came across this article and felt the usual weariness about labels, its misuse and the enormous waste of energy around them.  The camp of good, longing for a single convention and the camp of evil, feasting of confusion. All spewing words like molten lava.

Currencies are digital and have been for quite some time. Their temporary expression on the face of bearer owned exchangeable pieces of paper is just an ephemeral metaphor in all but the most nightmarish of countries.

There is no dearth of digital money and sophisticated transmissions mechanisms in most countries in Latam, even in if a lot of paper still circulates.

Ecuador’s preannounced currency may be digital, but unlikely to be decentralized, so not really new, other than for a set of hardware, software and procedures, possibly in the midst of a feeding frenzy of hungry tech vendors.

Of course, naming conventions may vary, but the lack of a single convention leads to a tiresome waste of words due to hearing one thing and meaning another. I wish all good men (and women) would get together and work toward reducing confusion, not adding to it.

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