So bad it’s good



I just read this paper by the Rand Corporation  called “National Security Implications of Virtual Currency – Examining the Potential for Non-state Actor Deployment

It is interesting to read because of the questions it raises:

  1. Why does the US public via government funding pay for this?  If it has any information you already do not know, then it is above your head anyway and if you are wiling and able to comprehend virtual currencies, nothing here is new.
  2. It is written rather poorly, syntax, grammar and logic, so why the waste?
  3. Is it really saying what it says or something else?  It purportedly excludes independent virtual currencies (VC) from the study, but does it?  Why would ISIS be better off with ISIScoin than with Bitcoin and why would ISIScoin be less vulnerable to US disruption than Bitcoin?
  4. Is it not that this analysis is part of a train of thought on how the US government might want to disrupt Bitcoin itself?


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